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Parking availability mobile app



Discover parking spaces in town

Parking space locator for Norwich, Nottingham, and Leeds
Apple iOS, Android, Web-app
Brand development, project management, front-end development, UI and UX, Social media marketing, Press and TV

It pays to listen to your staff

This great idea was presented to me by my then senior developer, who subsequently worked on the back-end for this project.

The idea was simple: Norwich City Council provides a feed (updated every 5 minutes) for it’s car parks showing current availability. This feed is used to run the parking signs on the approach to Norwich. If we were to convert this to a mobile app then you could check parking conditions from your home, your car, or anywhere really.

The app was provided as a free download so that we could judge the demand for a useful tool like this. It also served as a great publicity piece from which we got press coverage and I did a TV interview and appeared on BBC Breakfast.

We had thousands users in Norwich, so we rolled this out to Nottingham and Leeds. This proved really popular at Christmas, for obvious reasons.