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An Interim CTO with a creative edge



Help get the best out of your application or software development

CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) tend to be prevalent in large organisations but so often absent from SMEs. This may be because many do not have the budget, or do not need the full-time services of a CTO, but so many could benefit from the experience that they bring.

All the benefits of the skills and experience without the price tag of a full-time position

At different stages of your growth, there may be varying needs for technical guidance. Involvement can range from two or three days per week, especially in the early stages of development, to one or two days per month. From assisting early stage and ongoing startups accelerate their development, to analysing and streamlining existing practices in established companies: flexibility is the key, you only need to pay for what you actually need.

Experience, by its very nature, dictates that there will have been very successful developments and those that are less successful for varying reasons. It is often from the latter from which much can be learned, providing invaluable experience to bring to the table. As an effective interim CTO John understands the differences and will help with analysis and strategies to accelerate efficient development and growth.

It’s so much more than just the technology

As with any technology development, it is essential to examine the big picture to look at how every piece of the jigsaw will fit together to meet the desired objectives. Over 25 years John has acquired a deep knowledge of a variety of technologies delivering products tailored precisely for the needs of the client and the end-user.

John believes in developing from the front (end-user side) to the back (hosted solution: client-side), which is most commonly counter-intuitive to developers. The reason is simple, your digital products must work for and be well received by the people that will be using them, the end-user: these could be customers, clients, operatives, engineers, and so on. This is usually attained through prototyping and creates the framework upon which the technology is developed, and in turn, meets with the business goals and objectives.

This approach in aligning technology with business strategy, to direct suit the end-user saves time, money, and resources which means you can get to a point of deployment at a lower cost and in less time.

From the Board to Investors to the Development team

John is adept at conveying and translating concepts and ideas with all stakeholders. This can take the form of turning ‘tech speak’ into plain English when talking to investors or creating understandable uncomplicated business presentations for customers and clients.

As an experienced CTO John is comfortable working with other teams: sales, marketing, finance, and of course at liaising at board level and with management teams.

  • Product design, prototyping UI/UX
  • Make sure using the best technology available
  • Define software architecture and design
  • Establish development processes
  • Business strategy
  • Manage, build and scale development team, including interviews and recruitment
  • Participate in fundraising and financing processes
  • Leading strategic development of technology
  • Implementing more technology and processes
  • Work out the product and develop, road-map – future growth
  • Establish good development practices
  • Setting tasks and deadlines
  • Evaluate emerging technologies
  • Assist with day-to-day design, development
  • Influence product, market, and overall company strategy