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Insurance claims mobile app



Insurance claims app

Insurance incident reporting and claims application
Apple iOS, Android and web-based back-office
Brand development, project management, front-end development, UI and UX, lead generation, pitch and presentation

The power of good research and development

A complex project born out of a potential need to record data at the scene of a car collision. When involved in an incident many people panic. They forget what to do and how to report an incident.

We developed an application to guide you through the process of recording data at the scene of an incident. Photography and video were employed to visually record the scene. The recorded data was also time-stamped and geo-positioned. There was a voice recording function, preceded by a simple form to take the details and statements of witnesses.

There was also a back-office from where the claim could be managed, with a real-time alert function. All the files were sent to the back-office when a suitable data connection was available.

Perhaps the real power was in the data collected. Every incident was plotted and displayed not only visually on a map, but also as a database of reference points converted into addresses via Google’s mapping API. This addressed one of the pressing issues of the insurance industry, insurance fraud.

I presented this application to senior management at Axa, Avivia and the RAC, the latter two now use technology based on this original principle.