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Data entry and workflow applications



A bespoke app to create apps

Create a modular application which can be easily adapted to suit a host of data entry requirements.
2018 – 2021
Research and development, project scope and management, front-end development, framework integration, brand development, marketing, and sales.

Develop from the front-end to meet the needs of the user

Digitising forms is ideal if it works well. The problem is that that rarely has thought been given to the end-user. The operator who actually has to work with forms on a daily basis. Forms are often replicated as spreadsheets, or cumbsersome web forms. As with any application, consideration should be given to how it will be used.

The benefits to digitising forms should be:

  • GDPR ready
  • No paper storage
  • Input should be simple and quick to complete
  • The output should replicate existing approved forms
  • Full audit trail with all data held for easy download in a spreadsheet or CSV
  • Can be sent by email to designated and/or selected email addresses
  • Can capture photographs and/or videos
  • User login to provide operator details and time-stamp
  • Secure system with data encryption
  • White label

So, I designed a system to do all of this and it revolves around three core principles:

  • Ease of input (only show the inputs required and use conditional logic to control options)
  • Formatted output (bespoke and branded)
  • Data audit trail (spreadsheet download)

The forms may be customised to suit almost any use case. Each application is a progressive web-app so it can be used on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The application is white-label so it can be customised to meet with brand guidelines for a consistent look and feel.

I currently have live installations in place for:

  • Facilities management
  • Pest control
  • Care of vulnerable people
  • Finance data collection

If you would like a demonstration please contact me.