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Covert security camera mobile application



Bypassing the security on an Android device

Convert an Android phone to a body camera
Research and development, project scope and management, front-end development

Unlocking the power in a phone

The brief was to develop an application within the Android OS to operate as a Body Cam, operated from the ear-phone volume switches. Existing devices are specific and expensive costing several hundred pounds each. The idea was to make a widely distributable low-cost BodyCam for security patrols.

The application records video with an overlaid rolling date and time stamp. To turn on the camera the operator simply taps the volume plus button, they tap twice to record a video. An audible signal is sent via the headphone to confirm recording has commenced. To turn it off and stop recording, the volume down button is pressed, again an audible signal is sent.

The system bypasses the home-screen security number pad and opens instantly. Once use is over the phone remains locked. Should the security guard misplace or have the device stolen, the videos cannot be retrieved without accessing the phone via the phone’s security code.

To complete the project, my client developed a case to house the Android phone which is positioned on the breast pocket on a jacket.