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Creative strategy.

Simplify digital processes

Simplicity of use for the end-user

is the core of good design

John has a broad understanding of a wide range of technologies, the possibilities, and the limitations. Works with creatives, developers, and stakeholders to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Mobile development and deployment specialist with 10 years delivering successful mobile solutions to B2B and B2C markets. Backed by a further 15 years in website and application design and development.

Combines creative thinking and design with technical knowledge and marketing experience to provide a deliverable solution and road-map which meets the brief, the budget, and the timescale.

Believes in designing to the lowest common denominator without patronising anyone: if an application needs instructions it probably isn’t designed correctly.

Has the ability to think beyond the obvious to improve on performance, delivery, and results.

  • Digital strategy and implementation
  • Digital product design and development
  • Mobile app, prototyping, design, and development
  • Application and software architecture and design
  • User interface and user experience design
  • Website design and development
  • Graphic design and brand development
  • Digital policy, best practice, compliance, and security
  • Consultation and project analysis: triage
  • eCommerce / mCommerce
  • Integrated marketing
  • Marketing metrics and KPIs
  • Research and development